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  • Add a property account to your profile plus-icon minus-icon

    Once you have logged in to myBeaufortCounty, you can search for your property by following the steps below:    1. If you continued as a guest, or are new to myBeaufortCounty, click on Beaufort County Taxes. Note: If you already have properties li...
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  • Search tips to find a property plus-icon minus-icon

    myBeaufortCounty users have three ways of searching for your property: With the PIN, With the AIN, or By owner's last name & mailing zip code. Follow the tips below to locate your property with each search criteria:     With the PIN Enter the num...
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  • View a tax bill without paying plus-icon minus-icon

    When you link a property to your myBeaufortCounty profile, your property will appear on your dashboard, and all available bills will also be displayed. If you are curious about what you owe, or you are not ready to make your payment today, link yo...
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  • Remove a property account from your profile plus-icon minus-icon

    If you no longer own a property, or wish to remove it from your myBeaufortCounty profile, follow the steps below:   1. Log in to myBeaufortCounty and click Remove Account. 2. Check the blue circle for each property you wish to remove and click Su...
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  • Why can't I find my bill on the website? plus-icon minus-icon

    After the Beaufort County Auditor's office creates a bill, it takes two business days for that bill to appear on the myBeaufortCounty website. If you know your bill was created more than two business days ago, see Search tips to find a property or...
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