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  • Create a myBeaufortCounty profile plus-icon minus-icon

    To create a profile for myBeaufortCounty, you must first sign in following these steps:   1. Visit myBeaufortCounty. 2. Click on Continue to PayIt Login.   3. To create an account using your email, click Sign Up, and then: Enter your...
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  • Which sign-on method is the most secure? plus-icon minus-icon

    All sign-on methods for myBeaufortCounty are equally secure. The different sign-on options including Apple, Facebook, and Google are provided for your convenience. No matter how you choose to sign on to the website, your personal information is pr...
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  • Why should I sign-up instead of continuing as a guest? plus-icon minus-icon

    By signing up and creating a profile, PayIt is able to pre-populate form fields and expedite the payment process on your next visit.  
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  • How do I change my password? plus-icon minus-icon

    Click here to request a password reset link be sent to your inbox. You can also update your password by clicking on the profile icon in the upper righthand corner of the webpage after signing in.  Note: If you created your account with the Faceboo...
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  • How do I change my email address? plus-icon minus-icon

    Follow the directions below to change the email address associated with your myBeaufortCounty profile: Note: If you sign in using the social sign on options (Facebook, Google, Apple) you will not be able to change your email with these steps. Cont...
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