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  • Where Can I Mail My Tax Payment? plus-icon minus-icon

    If you prefer to mail a check for your property tax payment rather than submitting a payment using myBeaufortCounty, here are the mailing addresses for each type of property:   Real/Personal Beaufort County RPA PO BOX 105176 ATLANTA GA 30348-5176 ...
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  • Tax Bill Creation plus-icon minus-icon

    If you have a new property (real estate or vehicle) you will need to contact the Beaufort County Auditor’s office at (843) 255-2500 or to have a tax bill created for your new property.   You'll be able to pay the tax bill online ...
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  • Tax Bill Lookup plus-icon minus-icon

    To find the PIN or AIN for your vehicle, you can use the Treasurer's tax bill lookup tool here.  If you're unable to locate your vehicle on the Treasurer's website, please contact their Office at 843-255-2600 or online at Beaufortcountytreasurer.c...
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  • How do I change my address? plus-icon minus-icon

    You can change the address for your property account on the Beaufort County Treasurer's website.  
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  • What if my property is in Tax Sale? plus-icon minus-icon

    The Tax Sale occurs in October for properties with unpaid taxes. If your property has an active tax sale flag, please follow the instructions provided in the TaxBot conversation to complete your bill payment outside of myBeaufortCounty.
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  • How Do I Pay Accommodations Tax? plus-icon minus-icon

    For information on how to submit an accommodations tax form online, please contact the Beaufort County Treasurer's Office online or by calling 843-255-2600.
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